What Documents are included in the CARs Deluxe Publication?

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Who would benefit from the CARs Deluxe system?

CARs Deluxe is available to anyone and is especially useful to those individuals and organizations who need to reference the Canadian Aviation Regulations and other Canadian aviation regulatory documents on a regular basis.

After using CARs Deluxe for the first time you will wonder how you were able to get along without it and will discover it to be one of your most valuable tools.

What are the differences between the CARs Deluxe system and what is supplied by Transport Canada?

The documents that reside on CARs Deluxe are acquired by Aviation Data Systems from the Government of Canada and then formatted into the FolioViews search engine format by Aviation Data Systems. While the verbiage remains the same, the value added is the fact that they reside in a consolidated collection utilizing the world class FolioViews search engine.

Can you give me some basic examples of how I can apply CARs Deluxe to save myself time and help me operate more efficiently?

The number one time saver is the fact that CARs Deluxe utilizes FolioViews as its search engine.

FolioViews permits the user to conducted focused searches within the CARs Deluxe infobase and thereby pin pointing the desired information and eliminating superfluous internet information.

A senior Transport Canada manager once stated that the inspectors on his audit team using CARs Deluxe during an audit, at a major Canadian air operator, reduced their research time by half when compared to inspectors utilizing the traditional paper and internet sources.

Additional time savers are the fact that the information you are looking for will be right there at your finger tips, as well as, amending your paper copies will become a thing of the past.

What makes CARs Deluxe superior to any other competing products on the market?

CARs Deluxe is the only consolidated Canadian aviation regulatory document collection available in Canada and has been formatted and organized with you the end user in mind.

CARs Deluxe does not require an internet connection making it the only portable consolidated Canadian aviation regulatory document collection available in Canada.

If I purchase CARs Deluxe, do you provide ongoing support for the product if I have questions down the road?

Yes, our subscribers have ongoing product support by contacting us at 604-763-3671 or by email at support@carsdeluxe.ca.

No question or concern is too small for us to respond to!

If I purchase an annual subscription to CARs Deluxe today, am I eligible for free updates to the infobase in the future as changes are made to the Canadian Aviation Regulations and other Canadian aviation regulatory documents?

CARs Deluxe is updated on a quarterly revision cycle and subscribers will receive their download updates approximately one week after the dates listed in the following publication schedule:

March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

Current subscribers will receive subscription renewal invoices approximately 45 day prior to their subscription renewal date.

Is the information supplied by Transport Canada not enough to manage my access to the Canadian aviation regulations and other Canadian aviation regulatory documents?

While all of the Canadian aviation regulatory documents contained in CARs Deluxe are available directly from the Government of Canada, CARs Deluxe is the only truly consolidated collection of these documents.

Does CARs Deluxe work on a MAC?

Officially CARs Deluxe is only “certified” for a Windows Operating System, however, it has been tested successfully on a MacBook under the following scenarios:

1. CrossOver Mac software.

CrossOver is software that lets you run Windows software (such as CARs Deluxe) on your MAC computer without having to purchase the Windows operating system.

2. Parallels and Bootcamp, and

3. VMware Fusion and Bootcamp.